The political economy of Covid-19

Over the course of the pandemic, my colleagues and I have written several papers that explored the political economy of Covid-19.

“Entrepreneurship during a pandemic” (with Stefanie Haeffele, Jordan K. Lofthouse, and Anne Hobson), European Journal of Law and Economics, forthcoming. 

“Commercial Friendships During a Pandemic” (with Rachael K. Behr and Michael Romero), Review of Austrian Economics, forthcoming. 

“Essential or Not? Knowledge Problems and COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders” (with Stefanie Haeffele, Jordan K. Lofthouse, and Laura E. Grube), Southern Economics Journal, 2021. 

“Crisis as a Source of Social Capital: Adaptation and Formation of Social Capital during the COVID-19 Pandemic” (with Stefanie Haeffele, Laura E. Grube, and Jordan K. Lofthouse), Cosmos + Taxis, 2021. 

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