Understanding Post-Katrina Community Recovery

Along with his frequent co-author Dr. Chamlee-Wright, Dr. Virgil Henry Storr has written extensively on post-disaster recovery.

Their edited volume The Political Economy of Hurricane Katrina and Community Rebound (Edward Elgar, 2010) was published in the fall 2010. And, their other efforts include “Social capital as collective narratives and post-disaster community recovery”  (The Sociological Review),  “Expectations of Government Response to Disaster” (Public Choice), “‘There’s No Place Like New Orleans’: Sense of Place and Community Recovery in the Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina” (Journal of Urban Affairs) and “Club Goods and Post-Disaster Community Return” (Rationality and Society).

Dr. Storr has also given talks on post-disaster recovery at American University, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Universidad Francisco Marroquín, SUNY-Albany, Loyola University New Orleans, Rhodes College and James Madison College (Michigan State University).

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